Enthronement of the Sacred Heart 

Each October, and often on that First Friday, the Sacred Heart Academy community gathers at Mass to enthrone Jesus as the King and Center of our hearts and lives and make an Act of Consecration to His Sacred Heart. In doing this we are reaffirming the commitment of our baptismal vows, which is a lifetime commitment of faith and love.

A senior is elected each year by her classmates to crown the statue of the Sacred Heart at this Mass. Other seniors are also are also selected as attendants or as part of the Honor Guard. The seniors are asked to consider seriously the following criteria before casting a vote: Christian values such as honesty, sincerity, kindness, caring, service, and respectfulness and womanly qualities of gentleness, courage, conviction, and compassion.

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Enthroner: Most loving Lord, You have given us these promises from Your Heart. You are truth itself and You will never go back on Your promises of love, care and forgiveness for us. In response to Your great love we now join in making an Act of Consecration to Your Heart. We consecrate our school, our families and ourselves. 

(All pray the following)
O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
You have no hands but my hands to touch and bless and heal.
Jesus, You have no feet but my feet  to lead everyone in Your ways of truth, justice, mercy, purity and goodness.
You, Jesus, have no heart but my heart to believe, to dream, to hope, to love, to save.
Today I renew my pledge of love and loyalty to You.
Keep me always close to Your loving Heart.
May I love You in all others more and more each day.
Help me Jesus to forgive other’s faults: as I want You to forgive my faults.
Teach me to see You in the members of my family, school, neighbors and all those I meet, and to love them as You love them, especially the poor, the elderly and the suffering, so that I may be an instrument of Your love and peace. Amen

Enthroner: Sacred Heart of Jesus…
All: I place my trust in You!
Enthroner: Sacred Heart of Jesus…
All: I believe in Your love for me!


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