Physical Education

The Physical Education courses are designed to develop an understanding of the health-related components of physical fitness:  cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition as they relate to a healthy life style along with an emphasis on the importance of health and wellness. The Physical Education classes encourage a positive self-image in all students. One credit is required for graduation.

615physedI | Physical Education I
GR 9        QP 4.33        ½ CREDIT         SEM 1 OR 2
This course is designed to develop health-related physical fitness and those mentioned in the above introduction. Students will participate in fitness and circuit training as well as activities suitable to the season. Mental and social health and wellness activities are incorporated into the course.

635physedII | Physical Education II
GR 11-12        QP 4.33        ½ CREDIT         SEM 1 OR 2
This course is designed to reinforce the importance of health-related physical fitness and those skills mentioned above in the introduction by participation in fitness, circuit training, group activities typical for the season and peer instruction. Current health issues are incorporated into this course.
Prerequisite: Physical Education I (615)

651peasst | Physical Education Assistants
GR 12        QP 4.33        ½ CREDIT         SEM 1 OR 2
A senior with an interest in pursuing a Physical Education career may elect to be an assistant in a PE I class.  Responsibilities may include attendance, group facilitating and fitness charting.  Students are required to develop lesson plans for physical, mental and social health activities, as well as keep journals of class activities. Prerequisite: PE II and Departmental Approval.
Note: This course does not fulfill the PE II requirement.

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